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Sapa is located in Lao Cai province, 350 km from Hanoi, close to the border with China. The Hoang Lien Son range of mountains dominates the district, which is at the eastern extremity of the Himalayas. This range includes Vietnam’s highest peak, Fansipan, at a high of 3142m above sea level and a vast area covered by thick forest, rich in wildlife. The town of Sapa lies at the attitude of about 1,600m. The climate is moderate, cool in summer, foggy and cold in winter with occasional snowfall.
Sapa is home to a great diversity of ethnic minority people. It is likely that,
Sapa was first inhabited by highland minorities of H’mong and Yao group and later came the Tay, Zay, and a small number of Xa Pho to form the 5 main ethnic groups which takes about 85% of the district’s population today and a very small number of them live in Sapa town, most of themlive in small villages and hamlets scattering in valleys and
hamlets scattering in valleys and mountains throughout the district.

Sapa Vietnam
Till middle of 20th Century, a majority of the ethnic people live a moving style earning a living by slash and burn agriculture which caused huge damages to the nature. Nowadays, most of them have changed into sedentary basing on intensive farming and work their land on sloping terraces cultivating rice and corn, since the vast majority of the land is mountainous. However due to climate condition, only one crops can be grown annually.
In spite of changes of living conditions, especially fast better transportation, TV, media… offers great opportunity to get contact with outside world, the ethnic minority people still keeping their self sufficient ways of life and maintain their own culture and custom.
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Sapa Tours From Hanoi
Most of visitors to Sapa, especially for the first time are anxious of having a memorable vacation, an opportunity to explore this remote part of the country with its hidden values, admiring beauty of the rich nature, meeting local ethnic minority peoples with their interesting culture,… all should be realized in a proper way as what they wished.
Combining professionalism with large knowledge and understanding of Sapa region and its peoples as well as experiences gained after many years working in Sapa, all members of our team, from trip planers to tour operators always base on your interests and work on every detail in order to firstly help you make the best possible plan and preparation for your trip which will be well fitted your personal situation, wishes and hobbies… with Sapa conditions. Secondly we care of every portion of the trip while processing. Especially our local Sapa guides while fulfilling their duty will add more color to your vacation with their local breath, sharing understanding of locals and even their interesting personal experiences.

Sapa Budget Tours
These trips are designed for those travelers with limited budget who are happy to travel in basic condition of hotel, meals, join stay at home of local people and sharing transfer. Trips are ranged from easy to adventure with trek.

Sapa Classic Trips
In spite of your age, fitness or mobile ability…our classic tours are designated and operated in a proper way to help you enjoying your vacation with all the best that Sapa has to offer...

Sapa Trekking and Adventure Tours
Endowed by the nature with cool climate, beautiful mountain terrain, rich in culture of a diversity of ethnic minority peoples who live in small hamlets and villages scattering on the hilly lands and being connected by a system of foot paths…
Sapa Minority Markets Excursions
Ethnic minority peoples dominate Sapa as well as the vast northern mountainous region and have been living in their traditional style which base on self subsidiary system for hundred of years...
Sapa Luxury Holidays
Our luxurious holiday packages combine the international 4 star standard services including train carriages, accommodation… with selected excursions and our professional services in order to satisfy visitors to Sapa who wish to enjoy their vacation in comfort...
Sapa Cycling Options
Cycling is always add more fun to all the trip and to some extends is an interesting way to explore rural area. The same as trekking, cycling offers more chances to get as close to the nature as possible and helps to protect local environment by...
  Northern Mountain Discovery Packages
Moving along curving road, walking around an unknown tribal villages, trekking up and down hills if you wish, home stay with locals and sample their traditional food… such experiences are all included in your memorable trip to explore the northern mountains...

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