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Minority Markets Excursions
  Joining some thousands tribal peoples from different ethnic groups in their colorful traditional costumes who gather at regional markets for their most important event of the week, you will quickly absorbed by festive atmosphere and understand the important role of these markets in spiritual life of local ethnic peoples. This is a can-not-be-missed experience offered by our Sapa Market Excursions which are made for those who are interested in discovering new cultures and especially for photo hunters.  
Bac Ha and Coc Ly Markets (SPM-01) 3 days 4 nights / USD 194 per person
Can Cau and Bac Ha Markets (SPM-02) 2 days 3 nights / USD 135 per person
Untouched Region and Coc Ly Market (SPM-03) 2 days 3 nights / USD 142 per person
Muong Hum Market and Sapa Tribal Villages (SPM-04) 3 days 4 nights / USD 172 per person
Coc Ly Market and Sapa Highlights (SPM-05) 3 days 4 nights / USD 179 per person
Muong Khuong Market and Sapa Hilltrible Visit (SPM-06) 3 days 4 nights / USD 182 per person
Sapa Tribal Villages and Bac Ha Market (SPM-07) 3 days 4 nights / USD 200 per person
Lung Khau Nhin Market and Sapa Minority (SPM-08) 3 days 4 nights / USD 182 per person
Sapa Explorer and Remote Cao Son Market (SPM-09) 4 days 5 nights / USD 217 per person
Pha Long Market and Cao Son Retreat (SPM-10) 3 days 4 nights / USD 225 per person
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